Jacob Augustine is a folk musician from the northern woods of Maine. While living in California in 2008, he recorded his first full-length solo album Harmonia. The record was included in several year-end top ten lists and its single "High Water" received airplay on hundreds of radio stations across the country. In the past five years, Jacob has released five albums, including three simultaneously in late 2011. Of his latest record, the Portland Press Herald stated, "Bikini Island is an affecting, arresting release, one of those rare pieces of musical art that stays with you long after the last note has faded and your speakers have grown silent." Jacob has toured the country coast-to-coast many times over the last decade, and shared the stage with acts such as Brown Bird, O'Death, Simone Felice, Death Vessel, The Wooden Birds, Dan Mangan, Sean Rowe, Nicole Atkins, and Field Report. He's hard at work on several new recording projects, with his working trio of percussionist Peter McLaughlin and multi-instrumentalist McKay Belk.

“His songs are timeless yet dwell on mortality. He may be as lost as everyone else, but listen to his music and you may never want to be found."
-- The Deli Magazine

“Possessing the stage presence and integrity of a firebrand preacher (except without all the answers), Augustine commands urgency and attention”
-- The Portland Phoenix

“My urge to kidnap this man and transport him down the road and out to that old church with just two walls nestled between the trees and gravestones at the cemetery where we buried my dad’s brothers is very high. Very high. Dude could sing about Hannah Montana riding a unicorn and I’d probably still recommend you download his jams…”
-- Folk Hive