Jared Fairfield is a musician from Maine. He has released three albums officially and finished many more. His music moves through and defies genres, but often reaches toward a sense of escapism. He believes the highest pinnacle that art can achieve is when it is a haven from reality, and that music allows this escape most purely with its visceral power.

Jared almost always works alone: writing all the songs, playing all the instruments, recording, producing, and mixing the records himself. He has never played live, opting to focus his energy on perfecting his studio craft.

Jared's newest album Worldless is autotuned aquatic opulence, modern electronic music sunk in a painless underwater heaven. It is was released by Pretty Purgatory in December 2015. He is currently working on two separate albums: The Protecting Cloak, a work of glowing ambience that distills the serene glory of Brian Eno at his most opiated and The Recording Angel, a work inspired by visionary songsmiths and studio prodigies such as Brian Wilson, Jeff Lynne, Lindsey Buckingham, and Alex Chilton.