Lisa/Liza grew up in Missouri
where she was
raised by rogue tigers
who naturally taught her to shred
now she likes to do crosswords
and go to bed at six
she likes Bob Dylan
and breakfast in bed
her music is mostly about
chasing tornadoes.

"[Ancient Edge] is a solitary, bizarre, and guardedly obsessive record, yet one that breathes deeply and effortlessly, its experimentations and variations in craft preserving it from ever feeling maudlin or antisocial."
-- Nick Schroeder, Portland Phoenix

"It's a dream; a dark and disenchanting nightmare for the lovelorn, but a beguiling piece of emotivity immortalised forever, no matter how lowly its fidelity may be. It’s profound, and vulnerable, and intensely affecting as, arguably, all recorded music ought to be."
-- Dots and Dashes UK