Experimental-rock-art-garage-something-punk-psychotropic-kind-of-music. Brooklyn via Durham via Southwestern deserts and some other wide open places. Equal parts hard and soft. Propulsive drums. Snaking guitars. Withering vocals. There's a obtuse connection to the church lying the background somewhere. Predictions of a future or for the future? By the people and for...

All we have is Part One. Produced by Scott Solter (St. Vincent, the Mountain Goats, Spoon) and mastered by Matt Pence (Centro-matic, Here We Go Magic). Artwork and drums by AlhhlA.

Dive in.

"...surreal mid-fi pop that you’d be lucky to stumble on in a dive bar. "
-- The New Yorker

“...embraces chiming propulsion and a little aggression without sacrificing delightful weirdness.”
-- Independent Weekly

"Is it me or do the vocals on this weird, capitaviting mess of a song sound like Bruce Springsteen?!? Maybe it’s my laptop speakers."
-- Fort Worth Weekly