North America

Will Graefe

  1. North America
  2. Boys
  3. Blood Feather
  4. Call Me A Stone
  5. North America #2
  6. The Declining Season
  7. Rest Your Head On The State Line
  8. Place Me On A Rock
  9. North America #3

North America is a collection of songs written on the road. Solitary and pastoral, it reconciles the brash melodicism of Aaron Copland and Sonny Sharrock with the ornate storytelling of Joni Mitchell and Cass McCombs. These are songs of deceit, folly, addiction, wanderlust, and persistent yearning, but there is a defiant optimism in their melodies.

Recorded between February and August of 2016 at Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn, North America features NYC luminaries such as Joan Wasser (Joan as Policewoman), Shahzad Ismaily (Sam Amidon, Bonnie Prince Billy, Tom Waits), Benjamin Lazar Davis (Cuddle Magic, Okkervil River), Alec Spiegelman (Woods, White Hinterland), and frequent collaborator Jeremy Gustin (Star Rover, Marc Ribot, Albert Hammond Jr.). Sam Evian (Celestial Shore) engineered and mixed, capturing the songs in dark, earthy tones.

Will Graefe has spent the last decade touring relentlessly as a guitarist for Okkervil River, Larkin Grimm, Petra Haden, Landlady, and many others. This is his first official solo album and the first record to feature his voice. North America is out June 23rd on Pretty Purgatory.

released June 23, 2017

Will Graefe - vocals, guitars, electric bass, Juno, percussion

Benjamin Lazar Davis
Ian Davis
Jeremy Gustin
Shahzad Ismaily
Parker Kindred
Dov Manski
Christopher McDonald
Adam Schatz
Alec Spiegelman
Joan Wasser
Wayne Whittaker

All songs written and produced by Will Graefe (GravyMusic, ASCAP)
Tip of the hat to Margaret Glaspy for lyric help on "Boys”
Tracks 1-4, 6, 7, 9, recorded and mixed by Sam Griffin Owens at Figure 8 Recording
Track 5 recorded by Ian Davis
Track 8 recorded and mixed by Robin Macmillan
Additional recording by Sam Griffin Owens at Flying Cloud
Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering
Design by Katie Von Schliecher
Digital Design by Julia Lee

Pretty Purgatory, 2017


The Matt Sheffer Songbook, Vol. 1

Friend Roulette

  1. You're A Fox
  2. Snow Pea
  3. Joan
  4. Viva Zyprexa
  5. Bacon and Raisins
  6. Viva Zyprexa (Meltermix)

A decade ago, before Friend Roulette had formed, the band’s future members were all friends with a singer from Houston named Matt Sheffer. Matt had the most beautiful, powerful voice. Though he wasn't much for alcohol, he could still go to karaoke bars and hustle for free drinks anytime he felt like it. Even more impressive than his voice was his compositional brilliance. He would spend days at a time crashing on his own couch (he had a bedroom, but seldom used it), recording songs on Garageband using his laptop's built-in microphone, leaving the apartment only to buy more Diet Coke & Ritz crackers. Every so often, he’d ask someone if they’d like to hear what he was working on. Without fail, he'd present an utter masterpiece, that despite its crude recording, was a radio-ready instant-classic.

Sadly, Matt was his own greatest adversary and harshest critic. Shortly after bringing these incredible songs to life, he would inevitably doubt whether they were any good at all. He disavowed entire albums of material, removing them from his Myspace page, only to start the process all over again. Eventually, Matt gave up his fraught musical pursuits in Brooklyn for the slower pace of Austin, TX. After a long period of inactivity, Matt finally returned to the world of left-field pop over the last few years, trickling psychedelic epics into the ether with his eccentric and uniquely-Sheffer sextet, Zettajoule.

In 2016, Friend Roulette decided that they had a responsibility to record some of Matt's old songs as an act of preservation. After rearranging the material for their unique instrumentation and adding some ensemble elements of their own, they yielded The Matt Sheffer Songbook, Vol. 1, a loving tribute to a talented friend and a strange body of music that without, the band would not likely exist. Though they did not compose the song's skeletons themselves, the album feels like a Friend Roulette origin story, like their self-titled debut seven years late. It's through this deep-rooted musical kinship and ESP-level chemistry that they've created something greater than Matt could've in his crippling bouts of self-doubt, yet also greater than they could've without his clear vision as their guiding light. A decade ago, Matt Sheffer had already mastered an uncompromising and ever-adventurous all-in pop sound, that same sound that Friend Roulette has chased for its existence, and one that still sounds shockingly modern today.

The Matt Sheffer Songbook, Vol. 1 hits the world via Pretty Purgatory on June 16th.

released June 16, 2017

Friend Roulette is...
Matthew Flory Meade
Julia Tepper
John Stanesco
Nate Allen
Kyle Olson
Tlacael Esparza

Produced by Friend Roulette
Engineered by Ryan Weiner
Mixed by Paul Hogan
Written by Matt Sheffer
Performed by Friend Roulette

Cover by Julia Tepper
Design & Layout by Niki Taylor


Holy Times


  1. Foreign Homes
  2. Song About Time
  3. grumblin'
  4. Back in the Shadows
  5. Reasons to Live
  6. There Are No Blues

In the past, Snaex were two: Chris Teret, Baltimore native and founder of Company, and Chriss Sutherland, life-long Mainer and common spirit of Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Olas. Now, with their latest and most urgent transmission, 'Holy Times,' Snaex are three. At a time when quiet peace is difficult to find, this new EP prudently features the stoic wisdom of Brattleboro-bred bassist Tyler Heydolph. With Heydolph's rich anchor, Snaex dig deeper, exploring wide expanses in search of a truly open sound. Lyrically never yielding, Snaex continue to pursue the roots of post-modern distress while attempting to shed a sincere light where many cry "what the fuck?" Each of the six songs on 'Holy Times' strives to understand that which is misunderstood: white privilege, the cult of busy-ness, the fumbling of men, humility, homage to the gods, and our common control of absolutely nothing.

'Holy Times' was recorded in South Portland, Maine during the final summer of 41 Pine St. The band reconvened with lo-fi guru Caleb Mulkerin (Big Blood, Swans, O'Death) in a small seamstress studio to record the purest and most transcendent Snaex offering to date. Mulkerin's sonic alchemy overflows through every nook and cranny; over these six songs, his loose glue is just the right hold. No more can be said: the music of 'Holy Times' is completely of its moment– a captured bird yearns for freedom, only to ultimately resign to its untimely death. We are here and this is now.

released March 3, 2017

Snaex is Chriss Sutherland, Chris Teret, and Tyler Heydolph. 'Holy Times' was recorded by Caleb Mulkerin in August of 2016 in Molly's sewing studio at 41 Pine St. in So. Po. Maine. All mixing and mastering was done just up the street at The Blue Home. Snaex wrote all the songs. Peter McLaughlin managed the design and layout. The transcendental artwork was created especially for 'Holy Times' by: Colleen Kinsella, Jeff Griecci/Jeremiah Johnson, Luke Thomas, Shon Mahoney, Kimberly Teret, and Molly Haley. Snaex express gratitude to all the artists for their sincere effort and generosity. Snaex also extends super-appreciation to their families, Caleb, and Peter.

Snaex say: "The dogs bark and the caravan passes."

Album cover by Colleen Kinsella.

Pretty Purgatory, 2017

Eternal Motherfucker II

Afraïd & Jared Fairfield

  1. Jared Fairfield - Glass Lolita
  2. Jared Fairfield - Warm Wings
  3. Jared Fairfield - Savior
  4. Jared Fairfield - (Singing Flame)
  5. Jared Fairfield - Glass Lolita II
  6. Jared Fairfield - Silent Earth
  7. Afraïd - Bloodcult Screw
  8. Afraïd - Visions from the Holy Cross Cemetary
  9. Afraïd - Rifling Down the Dark
  10. Afraïd - A Silver Cross
  11. Afraïd - All This and More

EMF II, the new split album by Berekely, California blissed-out doom crew Afraïd and Maine spectral-pop savant Jared Farfield. Dark, heavenly vibes. Technicolor in all the transcendent hues. True-blue cosmic American music. It's an Eternal Motherfucker.

released November 4, 2016

Side A
recorded at 463 Cumberland Ave, Portland, Maine
Jared Fairfield - everything

Side B
recorded at 1730 Francisco St, Berkeley, California
Jakob Battick - vocals, guitar
Ryan Cutler - guitar, baritone, bass

'All This and More' written by Jimmy Zero & originally performed by The Dead Boys

Dedicated to Federico and Chiara with love.

Pretty Purgatory, 2016

Nice Mask Over an Ugly Face

Wei Zhongle

  1. Greeting Song
  2. Nothing New
  3. Examine It
  4. Prove It To U
  5. Peeping Tom
  6. Decentralized

Wei Zhongle is:
Rob Jacobs - guitar & voice
Pat Kuehn - fretless bass
John McCowen - clarinet
Phil Sudderberg - drums

released August 5, 2016

Recorded & mixed by Dave Vettraino & Rob Jacobs
@ Public House Sound Studio, Chicago
Mastered by Dave Vettraino
Written by Rob Jacobs
Cover Illustration by Rob Jacobs
Design/Layout by Young Easel

Pretty Purgatory, 2016

In the Heart of the City


  1. Razor Blade
  2. Guilty
  3. To Live in this World
  4. Florida Guy
  5. Musta Been
  6. De Colores
  7. Hidden in the Heart of the City
  8. Start Me Up

Snaex is Chris Teret, Baltimore native and founder of a band called Company, and Chriss Sutherland, life-long Mainer and common spirit of Cerberus Shoal, Fire on Fire, and Olas.

released February 5, 2016

In the Heart of the City was recorded by Caleb Mulkerin during the summer of 2015. Snaex wrote all the songs except De Colores and Start Me Up. The moments of energy-capture took place at Acadia Recording Company and within an empty studio above SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine, USA. Caleb also mastered the record. Sara Crall created the album art. Peter McLaughlin was in charge of the design process. Bailey Pollack helped with the lay-out. Wing Club handled the screen-printing. Snaex wants to thank Peter, Sara, Caleb, JC Dufeu, Nat May, and Todd Hutchinson for their generosity. Finally, Snaex must express their deep appreciation to their families; their patience and support are integral.

Snaex say, "Un pueblo unido jamás será vencido."

© Pretty Purgatory, 2016


Jared Fairfield

  1. Found a Diamond
  2. Up in Smoke
  3. I'll Hide You
  4. Cloudbedded
  5. I Just Want to Feel So Good
  6. Thronerooms
  7. Heaven Preach
  8. Feel This Way
  9. From an Angel
  10. I Want It All
  11. Sliding Through
  12. Hope, No Hope
  13. Worldless

released January 1, 2016

all songs by Jared Fairfield
mastered by Peter McLaughlin
artwork by Niki Taylor

Pretty Purgatory, 2015

Part One


  1. The Beginning
  2. Horsetrotters
  3. Citizens Vain
  4. Fertile Bodies
  5. Awkward Sounds

released October 3, 2015

All songs, music & lyrics by Yairms except bass on 'Citizens Vain' by Max H.W. Kaufman
All drums & percussion by AlhhlA
Bark by Lilac

Produced & Engineered by Scott Solter
Mastered by Matt Pence

Artwork by AlhhlA
Layout by Will Elting & Amanda Berg

Pretty Purgatory

Salvation b/w Glory, Glory

Jacob Augustine
& Bad Braids

  1. Jacob Augustine - Salvation
  2. Bad Braids - Glory, Glory

released 11 March 2015

on Salvation...
Jacob Augustine - vocals, guitar
McKay Belk - lap steel
Asher Platts - bass
Peter McLaughlin - drums

on Glory, Glory...
Megan Biscieglia - vocals, guitar
April Heliotis - vocals, guitar
Jacob Augustine - vocals
Greg Jamie - vocals, harmonium
Jesse Heasly - bass
Peter McLaughlin - drums, electronics

recorded & mixed by Peter McLaughlin at the Broken Toy Store
mastered by Christopher Watkinson

cover art by Megan Biscieglia
cover text by Jakob Battick
label design & insert by Tom Ryan

© Pretty Purgatory, 2015


Butcher Boy

  1. Cousin
  2. New Home
  3. Rhubarb

released 12 November 2014

Butcher Boy is...
Pete Swegart - dobro, banjo, vocals
Jonathan Downs - guitar, vocals
Travis Mencher - bass
Elliot McInnis - drums, vocals

recorded live on 6.28.14 at the Broken Toy Store
produced by Peter McLaughlin

album artwork by Cory Zingg & Butcher Boy

© Pretty Purgatory, 2014

The First Museum


  1. I am the Friend
  2. The Matador
  3. The First Museum
  4. Saw a Little Light
  5. The Singer
  6. The Light Will
  7. The Looking Glass

released 31 October 2014

All songs written & composed by Liza Victoria

Recorded by Peter McLaughlin at the Broken Toy Store

Album art by Shane Butler

© Pretty Purgatory, 2014

John Wayne Frankenstein

Family Planning

  1. Strawberry Tart
  2. Dreams
  3. Maple Syrup
  4. Heroes
  5. Atticus
  6. Maples Trees and Apples
  7. Consommé
  8. A Muse
  9. Junk in Our Room
  10. ???
  11. Kids are Always Cool

released 15 November 2014

Family Planning is:
Billy Carr - guitar, vocals
Jesse Heasly - bass
Peter McLaughlin - drums

produced by Peter McLaughlin at the Broken Toy Store

© Pretty Purgatory, 2014

The Golden Room

The Milkman's Union

  1. The Golden Room
  2. St. Thomas
  3. Somnambulists (Remind Me)
  4. The Whale
  5. The Devil
  6. Light Bends
  7. Jacob Augustine & Frank McLaughlin - Light Bends
  8. AFRAID - The Golden Room
  9. Jared Fairfield - Light Bends (dumdum baby remix)
  10. Leveret - Nefarious Tommy Returns to the Death Star (St. Thomas remix)
  11. A Severe Joy
  12. Grownup Killjoy - The Devil

released November 2, 2014

Henry Jamison – vocals, guitar, viola
Peter McLaughlin - drums, keyboards, electronics, vocals
Jeff Beam – bass, organ, synth, vocals
Scott Nebel - guitar

recorded & mixed by Peter McLaughlin
mastered by Chris Watkinson
artwork by Will Sears

© Pretty Purgatory, 2014